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The general objectives of the projects are elaboration, making and experimentation of new hybrid (inorganic – organic) functional surfaces on biomaterials highly resistant to corrosion and tribocorrosion which make them fit better for use as human body implants.

The present project shall bring an important contribution to the development of knowledge in the field of physico-chemistry of advanced materials as functionalized surfaces by:

    - making new hybrid functional surfaces by electrocmemical techniques as anodization and/or deposition of bioactive molecules (BAMs).

    investigation of the mechanism of new hybrid biofunctional surfaces: repassivation kinetic by in situ electrochemical investigations (free potential, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy diagrams of surfaces in passive and active state, potential jumps from active to passive, recording the current by monitoring the development and growth of the passive film);

    the corrosion properties investigations of new hybrid biofunctional surfaces in specific environments.

    the structural and mechanical surface properties investigations by advanced techniques (ToF-SIMS, XPS, STM/AFM, nanoidentation, (X-ray, Photoelectron Spectroscopy, XPS, and Time of Flight Secondary Ions Mass Spectroscopy, ToF-SIMS).

As support materials for new hybrid biofunctionalization will be tested stainless steel, titanium, titanium alloys. Significantly, improved surface properties and corrosion resistance in specific environments are desired from these new hybrid biofunctional surfaces. The new biofunctional surfaces will be characterized for their complex properties for new fields of applications. The degradation phenomena occurring in processed materials such as corrosion and tribocorrosion will be studied in specific biosimulated environments (aqueous, neutral, alkaline and acidic) using electrochemical techniques.

Originality of project consists in the new hybrid (inorganic – organic) preparation of biofunctional surfaces on biomaterials (metals, alloys) with BAMs by electrochemical methods and innovative techniques to characterise all surface properties: corrosion, tribocorrosion in biosimulated environments, roughness, micro  - nano hardness, capacity for biofilm inhibition or to cell adhesion.